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Customize theme / Child theme #

To make any changes to the theme files use a child theme, or when you update your changes to the theme files may be lost

Child Theme is included in the main archive

Child Themes documentation in WP codex



Banner Settings

  • Banner Style – Select banner style
    • Style 1
    • Style 2
    • Style 3
  • Arrow to next screen – Show or Hide scroll button
  • Infinite loop – Restart the slider automatically as it passes the last slide.
  • Transition speed – Speed at which next slide comes
  • Autoplay Slides – Set this option to “On” if you would like the slider changes slides automatically.
  • Autoplay TimeOut – Set autoplay timeout
  • Adaptive Height – Set “On” if you want the slider to be full screen
  • Height – Set max height block
  • Content container type – Stretch content row
  • Social buttons – Show or Hide social button by side
  • Social buttons align – Select buttons position
  • Social buttons color – Choose social buttons color
  • Scroll on Mouse Wheel – Set “On” if you want change slides by mousewheel
  • Navigation – Show or Hide navigation arrows
  • Slider Count – Show or Hide slider counter

Banner item Settings

  • Background type – Select background type
    • Image
    • Gradient
    • Color
  • Background Video url – Type video url
  • Sub Heading – Type sub heading
  • Heading – Type heading
    • Wrap the text in { } if you want the text to be another style.
  • Heading uppercase – Set “On” if you want  to do heading uppercase
  • Text – Type text or html code
  • Link – type url and link text