Theme Options

This section of the User Guide provides a comprehenisve overview of all the settings available in the Theme Options section of your WordPress admin panel. The settings found here are applied globally and will affect all pages on your website.

General #

  • Right-click disable – This is one of the methods you can use to deter casual theft and write your message, which will be used in this way
  • Protected Page Message – Write your own protection message for your site
  • Category Prefix – Hides the title prefix on the category page

Right Click Disable #

If you want to protect your content from copying, you can prevent the right click.
To activate this option go to Theme Options > General > Right Click Disable – On

After activating this option, when clicking on the right button, the user will receive a message

Preloader #

You can on/off this option and set your custom colors

Global Colors #

All Main Global colors can be set by Theme Options->Global colors. All of them are synced with Elementor Global Colors.

Global Fonts #

Type of fonts: Primary, Secondary, Text, and Accent fonts

Host Google Fonts Locally – Save font for local use (GDPR requirement)

Active Fonts – The list of the activated fonts to use

Add Custom Fonts – A feature of loading a new custom font from Google Fonts, Adobe Typekit, or Custom font (uploading font files .eot, .ttf, .woff)

Typography #

All the main Typography settings:

Body – the main body text typography settings

H1-H6 – headings typography settings

All font sizes can be set for Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices.

Icon Fonts #

You can upload your own icons by using icon fonts. We recommend using services like icomoon app for icon font generation.

Header #

Here you can set the default Header for all site pages. More about using Theme Builder for a new header creation is here.

Footer #

Here you can set the default Footer for all site pages. More about using Theme Builder for a new footer creation is here.

Portfolio #

These options configure the Portfolio page’s default layout.

  • Project Image – Show/Hide
  • Heading Block Style – Select the style of the Heading Block
  • Categories – Show/Hide
  • Likes – Show/Hide
  • Navigation – Show/Hide Next and Previous projects links

Blog #

These settings adjust the Blog Post layout.

  • Blog Featured Image – Show/Hide navigation arrows
  • Show Categories – Show/Hide the sequence number of the slide and their total number
  • Show Author – Show/Hide grid button
  • Show Date – Show/Hide fullscreen button
  • Show Tags – Show/Hide autoplay button
  • Show Comments – Show/Hide share button

WooCommerce #

In these settings you can set a custom Header and Footer for the WooCommerce Product page, Product list, Checkout pages

404 Page #

Settings for the 404 page customization. Allows to use a custom HTML tags and CSS

Coming Soon #

Coming Soon page settings.

  • Maintenance Mode – On/Off
  • Date – Setting the Date
  • Background Color
  • Background Image
  • Heading
  • Description
  • Link URL
  • Link Label

API/Custom CSS, JS #

Add your custom JS scripts in the <head> or before </body> tags

Performance #

Performance settings for your WordPress site.

  • Disable Emoji Script
  • Disable WP Embe
  • Disable Elementor Icons (eicon)
  • Disable Font Awesome
  • Default WP Block Styles

You can enhance your website’s loading speed by deactivating these settings if you’re not using them.

Admin Customizer #

Our WordPress theme offers a white-label feature that enables you to personalize the admin logos, change the name, and control the visibility of essential theme options settings.

Admin Customizer
  • Theme Name
  • Theme Logo
  • Theme Icon (20x20px)
Hide Tabs
  • General
  • Preloader
  • Global Colors
  • Global Fonts
  • Typography
  • Icon Fonts
  • Header
  • Footer
  • Portfolio
  • Blog
  • WooCommerce
  • 404 Page
  • Coming Soon
  • API/Custom CSS, JS
  • Performance
  • Import/Export Settings

Import/Export Settings #

Import or Export all Theme Options by a JSON file.