Theme Options

This section of the User Guide provides a comprehenisve overview of all the settings available in the Theme Options section of your WordPress admin panel. The settings found here are applied globally and will affect all pages on your website.

General #

  • Site Color Scheme – You can change default site color scheme
  • Smooth Scrollbar – Activates custom scrollbar and smooth scrolling
  • Custom Cursor – Activates the circle that follows the cursor
  • Right click disable – Is one of the methods you can use to deter casual theft and write your message, which will use in this way
  • Protected Page Message – Write your own protect message for your site
  • Mobile Adaptation – Sets the type of background images on mobile devices (original or cropped)
  • Category Prefix – Hides the title prefix on the category page
  • Body Background Decor Lines – Displays lines in the background

Right Click Disable #

If you want to protect your content from copying, you can prevent the right click.
To activate this option go Morave Theme > Theme Options > General > Right Click Disable – On

After activating this option, when clicking on the right button, the user will receive a message

Preloader #

You can on/off this option. If this option is on, at first, choose Preloader type (Word or Сustom image).
You can also set the background color and the color of the cubes.


  • Logo text – Set this option to “Yes” to hide the logo from your website.
  • Logo Image – Normal – Upload a default logo for your website.
  • Logo Image – Light – Upload a logo to be displayed on the “Light” header skin.
  • Logo Image – Dark – Upload a logo to be displayed on the “Dark” header skin.
  • Logo size – Set logo width and height.
  • Mobile Logo size – Set mobile logo width and height.

Header #

  • Header type – Select the default header you would like to use
  • Side Header Button – This button displayed on header on side type
    • Label – Type button label
    • Url – Type button link

Typography #

On this tab you can customize typogtaphy on the theme

Theme Fonts #


Fonts – All installed fonts are displayed in this area.

Google Fonts – Choose the font you need

TypeKit – Set your TypeKit Project ID and press button “Register Key”

Custom Font – Set Font family name and select your font file

Icon Fonts

Upload zip-archive with icon font. You can create an icon font using IcoMoon

Social buttons #

Select Social icon and set social link

Footer #

  • Footer – Select footer type
  • Scroll Top Button – Show or Hide scroll top button

404 Page #

  • Header Color Mode – Select page color mode
  • Background Color – Set background color
  • Background image – Set Background image for Page 404
  • Sub Heading – Type sub heading (#1)
  • Heading – Type error heading (#2)
  • Text – Type error text (#3)

Coming Soon Page #

  • Maintenance Mode – Set “On” if you want to disable the site for development. In this case, the site will be visible only to authored users.
  • Date – Enter date for countdown
  • Color Scheme – Set color scheme dark or light
  • Background image – Set Background image for Coming Soon Page
  • Text Color – Select text color (optional)
  • Heading – Type heading

Portfolio Project Page #

Heading Block Style

Heading Before Image

Heading After Image

Heading On Image

Heading Before Image (Overlay)

Only Heading

Only Center Heading


Completely disables display of title, category and featured image

  • Categories – Show or Hide project categories
  • Likes – Show or Hide like button (#1)
  • Share Links – Show or Hide share button (#2)
  • Navigation – Show or Hide project navigation buttons (#3)
  • Bottom Link – You can set custom link (#4)

Project Items #

This options configure projects in category.

  • Portfolio Style – Select style
  • Cols Count – Select cols count

Portfolio Lightbox #

  • Arrows – Show/Hide navigation arrows
  • Counter – Show/Hide the sequence number of the slide and their total number
  • Back To Grid – Show/Hide grid button
  • Fullscreen – Show/Hide fullscreen button
  • Autoplay – Show/Hide autoplay button
  • Share – Show/Hide share button
  • Likes – Show/Hide likes button
  • Project Link – Show/Hide link to project
  • Image Title – Show/Hide project title
  • Image Desc – Show/Hide project short description
  • Description Size – Set count symbols
  • Overlay Color (Light Scheme) – Set overlay color for light scheme
  • Buttons Color (Light Scheme) – Set buttons color for light scheme

Blog Post #

  • Blog Feature Image – Show/Hide post feature image
  • Show Categories – Show/Hide post categories (#1)
  • Show Author – Show/Hide post author (#2)
  • Show Date – Show/Hide post date (#3)
  • Show Tags – Show/Hide post tags (#4)
  • Show Like – Show/Hide post like button (#5)
  • Show Share Links – Show/Hide share post button (#6)
  • Show Navigation – Show/Hide post navigation (#8)
  • Show Comments – Show/Hide post comments (#9)
  • Bottom Link – Show/Hide custom link (#7)

Custom code & analytics & Map API #

On this tab you can add js code in <head> and after </body> tag. It can be either analytics code or any other js code.

To receive Google Map API Key you need Create an application in Google Console and add the Key to input.