Add new post #

To create a new post, navigate to Posts > Add New from your WordPress admin panel.

In the text field, near the top of the screen, enter a title of your post. Also, you can add a short description in the end of the title.

On the right side of the screen you will see a section named Categories. Here you can select the categories that you would like to add this post to. If you would like to create a new category, click on the + Add New Category link. A text field will appear in which you can enter a category name, and then click Add New Category.

On the right side of the screen you will see a section named Post settings. where you can enter your video URL (YouTube, Vimeo, your own .mp4), and section named Featured Image, where you can set featured image for your post.

Add new post category #

To creat a new category, navigate to Posts > Categories from your WordPress admin panel. Here you can add name, slug, parent category, description and image of your category and then click Add New Category in the end of the title.

Blog WPBackery Element #

General Tab

  • Count Items – Set posts count per page. Choose -1 to display all posts.
  • Type – Select posts type (#2)
  • Colums – Select colums count
  • Filter Buttons – Show / Hide filter buttons (#1)
    • Filter Buttons align – Select horizontal buttons position
  • Navigation – Select navigation type (#3)
  • Date Format – Set date formal (optional)
  • Animation In – The effect of the appearance of elements when scrolling


  • Featured Image – Show / Hide featured image (#1)
  • Author – Show / Hide Author block (#2)
  • Heading – Show / Hide post heading (#5)
  • Date – Show / Hide date (#3)
  • Categories – Show / Hide port categories (#4)
  • Short Desc – Show / Hide post desc (#6)
  • Read More – Show / Hide comment count (#7)


  • Order by – Choose sorting blog posts: Author, Category, Date, ID, Title
  • Order – Choose order blog posts: Ascending or Descending


  • Source – You can specify which posts will be displayed or the source of the posts.

Set your blog as posts page #

Now if you want to set your previously created blog page as a blog page for your website:

  • From the dashboard go to Settings  Reading  Your homepage displays;
  • Toggle checkbox to A static page (select below);
  • Choose from the Posts page dropdown menu your previously created blog page;
  • Hint the Save Changes button to save and publish your changes.

Now you should have a published blog page at