Getting Started #

You have 2 shortcodes to display gallery items:

  • Portfolio – you can create portfolio projects with your own galleries, descriptions, videos, and others. You can view a project on a new page on the project page or in Lightbox. How to add a new project?
  • Gallery – you can display images from the media library without creating a project page. These images will only be open in the lightbox.

Add new portfolio item #

To create a new portfolio item you should navigate to Portfolio > Add new from your WordPress admin panel.

Enter a title for your portfolio item in the text field near the top of the page.
On the right side of the screen you will see a section named Portfolio Categories. Here you can select the categories that you would like to add this portfolio item to or you can create a new category, click on the + Add New Category link.

Under the Portfolio Categories section are the Project settings, Gallery and Project Cover Image sections.

In the Project settings section you can choose the style of your portfolio. It can be:

  • Default – Select this template if you would like to create a standard page with your content inside the grid.
  • Grid – Set a predefined size for the space between the content layout and the sidebar layout for this page.
  • Slider – if you wish to have a slider on the top of your page, copy and paste the slider shortcode here.
  • Masonry – Select this template to display a list of your blog posts on the page. The blog list will be displayed in a Masonry type grid.
  • Horizontal – Select this template to display a list of your blog posts on this page. The blog list will be displayed in the Standard layout (post info text located underneath the featured image).

Also, in the Project settings section you can choose a type of your Project Image, which can be Default, Full or Adaptive, and you can enter your video URL (YouTube, Vimeo, your own .mp4) in Video url section.

In the Gallery section you can set gallery images in two ways. The first is to upload files by simply dragging or selecting files. The second is choosing images from media library.
Then click the Add to gallery button.

In the Project Cover Image section, you can set an image to be displayed for this item on portfolio lists the same way like you did in Gallery section.

Portfolio Password Protected #

You can password protect your project

When you go to the project, you will see this form

Form text can be customized in Morave Theme > Theme Options > General > Protected Page Message

Add portfolio categories #

To creat a new category, navigate to Portfolio > Categories from your WordPress admin panel. Here you can add name, slug, parent category, description and image of your category and then click Add New Category in the end of the title.

Portfolio Elementor Editor #

To enable the WPBakery editor, you can go to “Admin Panel”> “Elementor”> “Settings” and change “Post Types”

Portfolio Elementor Widget #

General Tab

  • Counts – Set posts count per page. Choose -1 to display all posts.
  • Type – Choose the type of project display (#2)
  • Cols – Select colums count
  • Gap – Will there be indentation between elements or not
  • Popup Mode – Yes / No
  • Filter Buttons – Show / Hide filter buttons (#1)
    • Filter Buttons align – Select horizontal buttons position
  • Navigation – Select navigation type (#3)
Filter Buttons
  • Filter Buttons – on/off filter buttons
  • Filter Buttons align – select buttons align
  • Order by – Choose sorting blog posts: Author, Category, Date, ID, Title
  • Order – Choose order blog posts: Ascending or Descending
  • Source – You can specify which posts will be displayed or the source of the posts.
  • Link Label – Set read more link
  • Hover – Set hover type
    • Default – The appearance of titles on hover
    • Zoom In – Hover headers and image enlargement
    • Zoom Out – Appearing titles on hover and zooming out images
  • Image Size – Select the size of the project image thumbnail
  • Image Orientation – Choose the aspect ratio of the image
    • Portrait

    • Landscape

    • Cube

    • Custom – Set the height as a percentage of the width
  • Animation – Set the animation of the appearance of projects
  • Animation Delay – Set the delay for the animation of the appearance of projects
  • Title – Show/Hide Project Title
  • Categories – Show/Hide Project Categories
  • Link Button – Show/Hide read more link

On this tab you can customize fonts and colors.

Gallery Elementor Widget #


in general, the parameters are the same as for the portfolio widget

  • Gallery – Choose images for the gallery

Gallery Elementor Widget #


in general, the parameters are the same as for the portfolio widget


You can manually define projects with custom links